Monday, December 26, 2011

Our best White Christmas ever!

We were blessed with a beautiful snowfall just in time for Christmas. It was one of those perfect snowfalls with slightly sticky snow and no wind. Every naked tree branch was blanketed with white fluff and all the evergreens wore garlands of frilly white.

We had, what I consider to be our best Christmas ever. On the 24th we picked up our daughter and met with my parents, my brother and his wife for a nice lunch out at Madisons Restaurant. They've got a really great Clam Chowder, but the portion is more of a meal than an appetizer so I was pretty full after just having the soup. Anyways we had a nice time then came back home and took off for an evening with some friends who had invited us for Christmas Eve supper.

Historically, Christmas Eve has always been spent either with our families or quietly at home, just the three of us.

But oh my gosh, we had so much fun - I can't remember ever having such an enjoyable Christmas Eve. We were three different families, each with a single child, so there were nine of us. We had never met the other couple and their grown son, but we hit it off with them instantly. We had such a blast and laughed so much. Every family was telling their silly, embarrassing stories and we were all feeling good and howling with laughter at each other's expense (all in a very good-natured manner of course).

They also had some pretty silly games - the one I enjoyed most involved a wrapped gift, a winter hat, a pair of oven mitts and dice. We all sat on the floor and would roll the dice, each in turn. If you got a six you had to put on the hat and the oven mitts and try to tear open the wrapped gift. As soon as the next person got a six you had to give up the hat, mitts and the gift and it would be their turn to try to get the wrapping torn off the gift. Trust me - it's a lot harder than it sounds - they had scotch taped every seam in the wrapping paper so it was impossible to get into it. I was thrilled when I finally managed to peel away a small piece of wrapping at a corner of the box, got the oven mitt thumb into the hole and started tearing away the paper...only to find that there was another layer of wrapping paper underneath!!!

The box ended up being wrapped with four layers of wrapping paper and when we managed to get all that off, the cardboard box inside was all taped up using wide packing tape! One of the guys decided he'd had enough of that so he started pounding the bejezus out of the box with the oven mitts - it was so funny. But just as he was able to dent the cardboard enough to get a mitt under the tape, the hostess rolled a six and she pulled the hat and mitts on and grabbed the box and started trying to get it open. She had barely started pulling crumpled paper out of the box when my husband rolled a six, took the hat and mitts and managed to extricate the prize from the box. It's a remote-control cockroach (of all things) which we actually had a lot of fun with.

We also played a game where you have to draw pictures and everyone guesses what phrase you are trying to draw. The high light of that game was when the host's sister drew a totally x-rated picture for us. She'd had a little too much wine and was doing a great job of drawing a man's private parts in very explicit detail. The host knew what the phrase was and he was watching her go and looking from her drawing to the card and back with a more and more horrified look on his face and eventually he stopped her and asked what the heck she was drawing. (His daughter is only 12 and we were yelling out words like penis and pubic hair and testicles, etc.) He called her over and showed her the phrase she was supposed to be drawing - it was "mowing the lawn". We were all laughing so hard we could barely breathe. She was laughing so hard she was practically crying as she grabbed the card from him and showed us all that further down on the card she had seen the word "crotch" and that's what she had been trying to draw. It was hilarious.

Before we knew it, it was 3:30am and we were all still having such a good time that nobody was even tired. I think we left somewhere around 4am. I still wasn't tired when we got back home, but I quickly fell asleep after reading a page and a half of my book.

On Christmas morning (well, it was pretty much afternoon before we got up actually), I made a big breakfast and we sat round reminiscing about all the fun we'd had the night before.

There's no big end of the stick in this story, because was I gave the stick a rest and left it at home.

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